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Mobile UniOTP

Mobile UniOTP is a mobile application supporting event-based, time-based and challenge-response generation of one-time passwords. Mobile UniOTP software can only be used in conjunction with UniOTP Server, and supports iOS and Android.


Mobile Application

Mobile UniOTP, unlike UniOTP 300 and 500, is a mobile application instead of a device, with the benefit of utilising existing mobile devices for OTP authentication without the need of deploying additional devices.

Event- and Time-Based

Mobile UniOTP is both an event-based authenticator, displaying a HOTP (event-based one-time password) onto the display after pressing the generate button, and a time-based authenticator, displaying a TOTP (time-based one-time password) every 60 seconds onto the display.

Challenge and Response

Mobile UniOTP also incorporates a challenge and response token system. The correct response, from a server-side generated token entered into the application, is required to successfully authenticate. A challenge and response system reinforces the authentication process, as only the appropriate user can generate the correct response in order to successfully authenticate.


Dynamic passwords coupled with existing authentication systems overcome the limitations of static passwords, whereby successful authentication requires both the correct credentials and the generated one-time password unique to that instance, with no two identical OTP ever generated.

Valid Once

Password generated by the token are only valid for one use, after which the generate password becomes invalid.

Cryptographically Random

Passwords are randomly generated, and are infeasible to reproduce like-passwords from the given allotment of possible passwords that can be generated.

Ease of Use

Authenticating with one-time passwords simply requires the user to enter the password read from the mobile device, without the need of remembering or storing passwords.

Report of Loss

Lost or stolen devices can be reported and deactivated from the system immediately, allowing risk control.


Malware and Interception Safe

Attempts by malware and interception attempts to gain access are not possible, even in the possession of a previously-used OTP, due to the dynamic nature of one-time passwords.

Brute-Force Resistant

Due to the dynamism offered by one-use of passwords, attempts of brute-force attacks are rendered impractical.

    Mobile UniOTP Specifications

Application Size: 5.8 Mo

Languages Supported: English, French, Japanese

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Mobile UniOTP Guides

   UniOTP Server Guides

Download Video

UniOTP Server Installation Guide (Windows)

Learn how to install and configure UniOTP Server on Windows.

Download PDF

UniOTP Web Management Interface Usage Guide

Learn how to use UniOTP MGS.

Download PDF

UniOTP Server Programming Guide

Explanation about UniOTP Server Libraries and their usage

   UniOTP Agent Guides

Download PDF

PAM Authentication Agent Installation Guide (Linux)

Learn how to configure UniOTP Agent with PAM (Pluggable Authentication Agent) on Linux.

Download PDF

WinLogon Authentication Agent Installation Guide (Win Vista/ Win 7 / Win 2008)

Learn how to install and configure WinLogon Authentication method to interoperate with UniOTP Agent on Windows Vista/Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008. 

Download PDF

GINA Authentication Agent Installation Guide (Win 2k / Win XP / Win 2003)

Learn how to install and configure GINA Authentication method with UniOTP Agent under Windows 2k, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

Download PDF

UniOTP Agent Programming Guide

Explanation about UniOTP Agent Libraries and their usage

Mobile UniOTP Case Studies

  UniOTP and e-Commerce Download
  E-commerce web structure mainly uses the B/S model, in other words, the structure browser-server. UniOTP dynamic password system provides two integration methods [...]
(pdf - 265Ko)
  UniOTP Business Application Solution Download
  The enterprise server uses Agent SDK to perform the integration with UniOTP dynamic password authentication system and unify user authentication service. The open and module-based tiered structure of UniOTP dynamic password system allows for the integration of UniOTP dynamic password system and enterprise server [...]
(pdf - 255Ko)
  UniOTP Financial Industry Solution Download
  In order to assure security of transactions through internet such as online banking, a strong authentication method is extremely important. UniOTP provides a simple and secure authentication method [...]
(pdf - 431Ko)
  UniOTP VPN Solution Download
  VPN (Virtual Private Network) refers to two equipments (computer or firewall) with VPN link capacity which can form a secure tunnel via internet. In the tunnel initiator (server), User’s private data is encapsulated and encrypted, and then transmitted on the internet [...]
(pdf - 820Ko)
  UniOTP Intranet Protection Solution Download
  Intranet is widely used in companies, through it, you can perform file management, software sharing, printer sharing, and many other tasks. Any operation that you can perform trough the intranet, including use company network, manage files, etc all require that you first get authenticated [...]
(pdf - 341Ko)
  UniOTP Web Authentication Solution Download
  Network applications are developed using web languages, and displayed using a browser.  The reason why network applications are popular is that it is multiplatform and there is no need to install or upgrade periodically. All actions performed by the network application need to use a network (Internet or Intranet), and this is one of the most challenging element concerning  network applications security [...]
(pdf - 265Ko)

Please contact CodeAndSoft for additional case studies.

Email: contact@codeandsoft.com

    Mobile UniOTP Customization Service


Interface customization

SecuTech offers interface customization service for the Mobile UniOTP iOS application. By using a customized interface and logo unique to your company, you can let your customers remember your company name.

   Mobile UniOTP SDK / Utilities

  File Description Version   Date Download
  UniOTP One Time Password SDK


(zip - 181 Mo)


    UniOTP Documents

  File Description     Date Download
  UniOTP Fiche Technique


(pdf - 585 Ko)





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