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UniOTP Solution Brief

This document describes different solutions that you can implement with UniOTP, and the differences between the different UniOTP products.


UniOTP Business Solutions

The enterprise server uses Agent SDK to perform the integration with UniOTP dynamic password authentication system and unify user authentication service. The open and module-based tiered structure of UniOTP dynamic password system allows for the integration of UniOTP dynamic password system and enterprise server [...]


UniOTP VPN Solution

VPN (Virtual Private Network) refers to two equipments (computer or firewall) with VPN link capacity which can form a secure tunnel via internet. In the tunnel initiator (server), User’s private data is encapsulated and encrypted, and then transmitted on the internet [...]


UniOTP Usage Overview (Web Authentication/Intranet)

Network applications are developed using web languages, and displayed using a browser.  The reason why network applications are popular is that it is multiplatform and there is no need to install or upgrade periodically. All actions performed by the network application need to use a network (Internet or Intranet), and this is one of the most challenging element concerning  network applications security [...]




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